Election Resources

As the 2012 General Election nears, it's important to engage candidates on the role of religion in politics, and make sure we vote for and promote candidates dedicated to secularism. Here are some things you can do to make sure our next legislative season is headed by policymakers who are dedicated to rebuilding the wall of protection between church and state:

Find Your District and Learn More About the Candidates!
We all know who are presidential candidates are, but do you know who's running to represent you in the State House of Representatives and State Senate? A lot of very serious anti-secularist legislation passed this year at the state level--and we have an opportunity this election season to send a message that secular voters have been paying attention!

Register to Vote!
With the recent redistricting that occurred in Arizona, there is a real chance for secular candidates to win seats previously held by religious ideologues--but these races will be close. This means that every vote counts--so be sure to voice your secular values and VOTE!

Host a "Meet and Greet" for Your Local Candidates! Particularly in the swing districts, candidates are making a real effort to secure every vote possible, and they're always looking for ways to meet potential supporters. This means candidates are showing a willingness to meet with secular voters and talk about secular issues. If you'd like help connecting with the candidates for your district, or need help planning an event, call or email Seráh Blain: serah@secularAZ.org; 602-363-8018.

Attend Candidate Town Halls and Ask Questions!
Let's make sure secular issues become part of the ongoing public discourse this election season. Ask questions and hold candidates accountable for how they talk about the role of religion in government.

Check back soon for updates on election events, candidate scorecards, and more!