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The Arizona Sate House and Senate passed concurrent bills (HB2153/SB1062) this week that will codify religious discrimination into law.

The bills, pushed by The Center for Arizona Policy, is so extreme that versions of the proposed law have recently been rejected by other state legislatures, even in conservative and religious states such as Idaho, Ohio, and Kansas.  This is just another bill in a long list of extremist bills that don't represent average Arizonans.

This bill has the potential to invite the types of boycotts seen under SB1070 and as far back as our refusal to recognize Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day that lost us the Superbowl. Tell Governor Brewer we can't afford another state scandal due to our discriminatory laws.

Discrimination Bill is Moving Quickly - Please Contact Lawmakers TODAY

Please send a message to the 60 members of the Arizona House of Representatives today. HB2153, the discrimination bill, will be heard on the House Floor at 1:30pm. We've made it easy to contact your lawmakers:

Secular Day at the Capitol

Join the Secular Community at the Arizona State Capitol on Tuesday, February 18, at 12:30PM.

Address: 1700 W. Washington, Phoenix

We will have a tour of the Arizona House of Representatives and we will be introduced to the Arizona House of Representative Members during the House Floor Session.

Please join us in solidarity to show the Arizona Legislature that we are a strong, unified voice for Arizona's Secular Community.


Weekly Update from the Secular Coalition for Arizona 2-7-14

Rep. Ruben Gallego Gives Secular "Prayer" on AZ House Floor
Representative Ruben Gallego took a personal point of privilege to deliver the following statement on the House Floor yesterday (February 6, 2014):
The purpose of our opening prayer is to ask for something important. I’m asking that whichever God you pray to or whichever value system inspires you, let’s stay focused on the work we came here to do.  

There are a lot of versions of the Golden Rule in a lot of religions and secular traditions. They all say we should treat people like we want to be treated.

Arizonans and their families want to be treated like their state government is here for them. They want to know we’re going to fight for them. That we’re making Arizona a place of prosperity and opportunities. Let’s practice the Golden Rule today and get to work.
Representative Mach welcomed Secular Students and Secularists to Arizona House of Representatives
During the same floor session that Rep. Gallego made the personal point of privilege, Rep. Mach welcomed and introduced her guests from the Secular Student Alliance and the Secular Coalition.  Thank you to Representative Mach for the warm welcome!

Join us for Secular Day at the Capitol!

Secularists Laud Win for AZ Women

Secularists Laud Win for Women’s Healthcare
Phoenix, AZ -  The following statement was issued today by Zenaido Quintana, Chair of the Secular Coalition for Arizona, in response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision not to hear arguments in Isaacson v. Horne.

“We applaud and appreciate the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision not to hear arguments in Isaacson v. Horne, thus letting the decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals stand.  

Abortion bans are not only bad policy because they prevent a woman from making her own personal, private decision about her health and medical care, but because they violate women’s constitutional rights. 

Laws and regulations of women’s healthcare must be based on scientifically sound medical research and driven by a compelling government interest, not sectarian religious beliefs.”


The Secular Coalition for Arizona is a statewide, grassroots organization representing the Arizona nontheistic community – a vibrant and growing community of Arizonans who self-identify as atheists, agnostics, Humanists, freethinkers, and other labels of personal choosing.  For more information, visit

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Here's to Another Legislative Session!

Arizona's Fifty-First Legislature begins its Second Regular Session on Monday, January 13, 2014.  We're ready - Are you?

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Did you know that you can sign up to comment on bills from home using the "Request to Speak" system on the Arizona State Legislature website? 

Secularism Advances in Arizona!

Arizona’s secularists have reason (and now, reasons) to celebrate. For the first time ever, we defeated a stunning 80 percent of the bills backed by the Religious Right’s lobby, the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), widely considered one of the most powerful lobbying organizations in the state. This confirms that when we organize, and articulate sensible views supporting church-state separation, we can win.

Here’s what CAP said to their supporters in a recent email: This was “a disappointing end to what's been one of the most challenging legislative sessions in memory.” We couldn’t have been more pleased to have had such an impact!

Click here to download your copy of our session wrap up summary and read all about it.

And you are part of the team that made this possible.  If you are a member of one of our allied organizations; if you sent an email because we asked; if you ever gave a dime to us, then you helped make this happen.

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Arizona's Secular Scorecard is Here!

This past legislative season, SC Arizona lobbied against ten anti-secular bills. Thanks to your efforts and the efforts of our allies, half of these bills died in committee, and only five went to a full floor vote. Of these, only two were signed into law. 

How well did your state lawmakers represent your secular values? Find out who your legislators are HERE, then check their rating on our secular values scorecard!

2013 Legislature Scorecard

Announcing our Summer Intern!

Secular Coalition for Arizona is pleased to announce the hire of our summer intern, Jessica Draper! Jessica is currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona where she is pursuing a degree in Political Science along with two minors including Gender and Women's Studies and Middle Eastern & North African Studies.

Born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona, Jessica grew up in a predominantly Mormon area where she herself was baptized Mormon at the age of eight. At 11 years old, she dropped religion altogether and became a self-proclaimed atheist.

As a college freshman in the Fall of 2012, 19-year-old Jessica started a Secular Student Alliance group on her campus and currently resides as president. Through the creation of that group, she has become more involved within the secular community. With a family background rooted in harmful religious fundamentalism, Jessica intends to continue increasing her involvement in advancing the goals of the secular movement. Jessica can be reached at:

Our internship program is one of the most important ways SC Arizona helps train secular leaders for the future. Please consider a DONATION to support this important program.

Help Us Finish the Legislative Session with One More Victory for Secularism!

The Arizona State Legislature adjourned Sine Die early this morning, Friday, June 14, 2013 at 12:59 a.m. By every measure, this session has been an extraordinary success for the Secular Coalition for Arizona, and the secular Arizonans we represent. We have lots to celebrate--but we also have to stop four last bills that made it to the Governor's desk.

But first the celebrations! One of our community's most substantial wins was Governor Brewer’s veto of Senate Bill 1178, which would have dramatically jeopardized the rights of the most vulnerable Arizonans, including nontheists, religious minorities, and the LGBT community—all in the name of religious “freedom.” We are very grateful for all the hard work our constituents put into making sure our legislators and Governor were clear that this was a dangerous bill attacking real religious liberty! Thanks for all your help!

Secular Coalition for Arizona was also able to share in the historic moment when Humanist legislator Juan Mendez opened the State House of Representatives with a nontheistic invocation rather than a prayer. The event made national news, and pushed issues around the separation of church and state as well as the growing number of secular Americans into the public discourse. You can view Representative Mendez’s invocation on our website, or read the full text on Hemant Mehta's blog.

Most importantly, this year the Center for Arizona Policy had a very modest agenda due to the incredible backlash that occurred around their legislative overreach last session, when they used our democratic government to make the whole state conform to their particular moral code--especially regarding reproductive healthcare. Arizonans drew a line in the sand regarding women’s rights in our state, and our legislators listened. Even CAP’s 11th hour strike-everything amendment, aimed at limiting women’s access to healthcare clinics (offered just days before the end of the session), failed to move.

With all the momentum we have acquired over the session and the strength of our numbers, we need to make sure that the last four religiously motivated bills that were sent to the Governor’s desk last night receive a veto.

Click here to contact Governor Brewer and ask her to veto the following bills:

 expands property tax exemptions for religious organizations
Talking points:
• Religious and nonreligious communities should be treated equally under the law, and granting exemptions to religious organizations that are not available to nonreligious organizations is wrong 
• All public policies, including policies around tax law, should not establish governmental systems of support that preference or endorse religion or nonreligion

 sends public money to religious schools and homeschools
Talking Points:
• Public tax dollars should not be used to support unregulated, erroneous or discriminatory curriculum that is often offered in private religious schools and homeschools. Some of the most egregious examples include the following quotes from religious textbooks:
·  - “God used the Trail of Tears to bring many Indians to Christ.” America: Land that I Love, A Beka Book
·  - Gay and Lesbian people “have no more claims to special rights than child molesters or rapists.” Teacher’s Resource Guide to Current Events for Christian Schools, Bob Jones University Press
• The Arizona State Constitution explicitly states: "No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise, or instruction, or to the support of any religious establishment." (Article II Section 12)

 exempts religious employers from paying unemployment and changes the definition of employee to not include people who work for religious organizations
Talking points:
• Religious and nonreligious communities should be treated equally under the law, and granting exemptions to religious organizations that are not available to nonreligious organizations is wrong 
• Removing the status of “employee” for workers at religious organizations could result in many people losing basic employment protections 

 uses public money to fund religious education through Empowerment Accounts
Talking Points:
• Because the vast majority of private schools in Arizona are religious, this bill creates direct public funding of private religious schools. The Arizona State Constitution is very clear on this issue: “No public money or property shall be appropriated for or applied to any religious worship, exercise, or instruction, or to the support of any religious establishment.” (Article II Section 12)
• There are no provisions in this bill ensure that the schools receiving money under this program refrain from discriminating against religious minorities, nonbelievers, LGBT students and other marginalized youth 

Thanks again for all your support. And remember, SC Arizona is 100% funded by donations from the secular community. Please help us continue our important work by considering a gift to SC Arizona today

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