Secular Coalition Speaking at the Opening Day Rally at the Capitol

On Monday, January 14, join Secular Coalition for Arizona, 16 women's organizations, and hundreds of Arizonans from all over the state to stand in opposition to the theocratic assault on reproductive healthcare! While secularists and women's healthcare advocates made some inroads to add allies to the legislature with last November's elections, the religious war on women wages on. In 2012, policymakers motivated by religious belief and manipulated by the Center for Arizona Policy passed extreme legislation preventing women and families from accessing reproductive healthcare, and limiting health care professionals from providing needed services. 

This year, secular Arizonans will be among the hundreds of individuals rallying at the Capitol in pink with a message: we will not allow the rights of women in Arizona to be dependant upon the religious beliefs of people in positions of power! Speakers include representatives for Congresswomen Kyrsten Sinema and Anne Kirkpatrick; Secular Coalition for Arizona's Executive Director, Serah Blain; former state representative, Theresa Ulmer; former state senator, Paula Aboud; NARAL's Executive Director, Kat Sabine; Planned Parenthood of Arizona's public policy director, Michelle Steinberg...and more!

Let's send a strong message to the Governor and our Legislators! Bring your friends and family! 

Monday, January 14th, Arizona State Capitol Lawn

1700 W. Washington, Phoenix


More details available on Facebook.

SC Arizona Seeks Development and Marketing Director

With the continued expansion of the secular movement in Arizona and the prospect of increasing our influence substantially in the coming legislative session, the Secular Coalition for Arizona is pleased to announce an opening with our organization for a full-time Development and Marketing Director to help support our growth.

For more information on the position, please see the job description below.

Development and Marketing Director for Secular Coalition for Arizona

Announcing Spring 2013 Internship

Secular Coalition for Arizona is pleased to offer a paid part-time internship position for spring 2013. SC Arizona is seeking a highly motivated undergraduate student with a demonstrated interest in being active in the nontheistic movement. The student must live and attend school within the state of Arizona and have reliable transportation for travel to the State Capitol for daily lobbying activities.
SC Arizona’s internship will provide activities and opportunities to learn about and assist with lobbying and advocacy, development and fundraising, and media relations and social media networking. The spring intern will be heavily involved the 2013 legislative season, including meeting with legislators and staff, testifying in committee hearings, and keeping constituents informed and engaged in the legislative process.

The spring 2013 internship will be a part-time 16-week program and will run from January 7, 2013 through May 3, 2013. The internship will pay $7.65/hour, before taxes, with a minimum of 10 hours required per week and a maximum of 20 hours paid per week.

Once a student is chosen for the SC Arizona internship, if she or he wishes to receive academic credit for the internship rather than be paid, the student must make arrangements with his or her academic institution to qualify the SC Arizona internship for such credit. SC Arizona will cooperate fully in any process but will not fundamentally change its internship program to accommodate an academic requirement. Any student receiving academic credit is ineligible to be paid for the internship.

To apply for the SC Arizona Spring 2013 Internship Program, please fill out the attached application and send all materials to

Complete application must be emailed by 11:59 p.m., December 14, 2012. Phone and Skype interviews may be conducted the following week, and a selection will be made December 21, 2012. Only the selected candidate will be notified.

If you have questions, email them to Do NOT send applications by regular mail. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Secular Coalition for Arizona Spring 2013 Internship Application

Secular Coalition for Arizona's 2012 Legislature Scorecard is Here!

This past legislative season, the theocratic super-majority in the Arizona State Legislature showed no regard for the kind of separation between church and state that is necessary to safeguard from religious oppression the rights of nontheists, women, LGBT people, and other politically vulnerable groups of people. It’s time to put a stop to this religious tyranny in Arizona!

Because of redistricting, along with the growing momentum behind secular values, the coming election represents a real opportunity to break that theocratic super-majority and secure a more secular legislature for the coming years. This November, it is particularly important that we get out the vote for secularism—because we really do have a chance to make a difference if we vote in this election. 

As you’re making your decision for the 2012 election, please take a look at our Secular Values Voter Legislative Scorecard for the Arizona State Legislature and consider who best represents your secular values. 

And don't forget to make sure you're registered. We need your vote to help take back the state legislature for secularism!

National Voter Registration Day! Make your Secular Voice heard!

National Voter Registration Day is TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th! Secular Coalition for Arizona is dedicated to making sure Secular Values Voters are heard this election season--and that means making sure Secular Arizonans are registered! In Arizona, voter registration is a fairly easy process and can be done online here: Service Arizona EZ Voter Registration.

Please register to vote--and then invite your friends to Secular Coalition for Arizona's virtual Facebook event here: Secular Voters Get Registered! We have a real opportunity this year to break the theocratic super-majority in our state legislature. This year, EVERY SECULAR VOTE COUNTS!

National Voter Registration Day is a nonpartisan initiative sponsored by many organizations, including Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance Education Fund, Bus Federation Civic Fund, Fair Elections Legal Network, League of Women Voters, Nonprofit Vote, and Voto Latino. To find a voter registration event near you, or to learn more about National Voter Registration Day, visit

SC Arizona Calls on Governor Brewer to Boycott Values Voter Summit

(Sept. 12, 2012) Phoenix, Ariz.—The Secular Coalition for Arizona (SC Arizona) today called on Governor Brewer to cancel her scheduled speaking appearance at the Family Research Council’s 2012 Values Voter Summit this coming weekend in Washington, DC. In a letter to Governor Brewer, SC Arizona argued that the Values Voter Summit focuses on legislating the values of a particular religious worldview rather than values shared by all. SC Arizona asked that instead of attending the Summit, the Governor “stand in solidarity with the majority of Arizonans who do not belong to a faith tradition that is represented by the Family Research Council.”

Serah Blain Discusses Atheism and Morality on Huffington Post Live

Secular Coalition for Arizona's Seráh Blain recently joined Chris Stedman of the Humanist Community Project, Ron Lindsey of Center for Inquirey, and Cara Santa Maria of Huffington Post, on Huffington Post Live to discuss where ethics come from. Quickly dismissing the idea that religion is the only source of ethics, the panel went on to talk about community building, political advocacy, interfaith cooperation, and other ways nontheists engage morally in our world. You can watch the segment here: In [BLANK] We Trust.

Focus on the Swing Districts: LD 18

by Karen Cook

The upcoming election will be a crucial one for secularists in Arizona. Fifteen of the 30 legislative districts are highly likely to be won by Republicans with strong ties to the religious lobby organization, Center for Arizona Policy, and only 10 by Democrats, so the 5 remaining swing districts— if won by Democrats— could give our legislature a new and rare status: parity. Having a balance between the parties would have many possible outcomes, the most positive being a decrease in religiously motivated legislation.

LD 18 is one of these swing districts. Located in southern Maricopa County,  34% of the district is made up of Phoenix and the rest encompasses part of Tempe, some of Chandler, and a little bit of Mesa. The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission carved it out of parts of former legislative districts 17, 20, and 21—17 having traditionally voted Democratic, and 20 and 21, Republican; the district is now up for grabs. In the last gubernatorial election, for example, 47.3% of voters in what is now LD 18  voted for Terry Goddard, 49.2% voted for Jan Brewer, and the remainder for others.

Voters in LD 18 have an important opportunity to have a positive impact on the makeup of our new legislature, so the pressure in on to make the right choice at the polls! Voters from other districts are encouraged to learn about this race as well so that you can educate LD 18 voters, volunteer for secular candidates in this important race, and encourage candidates who are scrounging for every possible vote to speak to Secular Values Voters. 

To help voters assess the slate, following is a list of the LD18 primary candidates for the offices of State Representative and State Senator, a little info about them, and the results of the questionnaire SC Arizona gave them (from the pamphlet, "Engaging Candidates on the Role of Religion and Politics," courtesty of the Interfaith Alliance, a national advocacy group that promotes secular government).

Secular Coalition for Arizona Announces Fall 2012 Intern

Secular Coalition for Arizona is pleased to announce its Fall 2012 Intern: Juan Pablo (JP) Martin of Flagstaff’s Northern Arizona University.

“This is kind of an historic moment for us,” said Seráh Blain, Executive Director of the Secular Coalition for Arizona. “Many of the national organizations in the secular movement have internship programs, but as far as I know, JP will actually be the first ever to take on a paid internship position within a state-level nontheistic organization. We’re pretty proud of the fact that we’re able to offer this opportunity.”

Center for Arizona Policy and the Arizona State Legislature

by Karen Cook

When you see the initials 'CAP,’  do you automatically think of the Central Arizona Project? Think again!

Center for Arizona Policy
(CAP) is a conservative nonprofit organization that has muscled more than 100 of its supported bills into law. Its goals? Among them is to ‘protect human life from conception to the end of natural life.’ To do this, CAP has championed legislative efforts aimed toward outlawing abortion, blocking aid-in-dying policy, banning human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, as well as suppressing science-based sex education. In addition, CAP wants to maintain laws that define marriage as the union between one man and one woman; stop all gambling (including the Arizona State Lottery); and limit government involvement in education.

How is it that CAP has been so successful in its endeavors? Through commentaries on radio stations throughout Arizona; its network of supportive churches; staff members who make personal appearances at community functions and, perhaps most importantly, The Truth Project.

From the CAP website:

The Truth Project is a revolutionary DVD-based small group curriculum produced by Focus on the Family. It is designed to build a systematic and comprehensive biblical worldview in the lives of believers.

The Truth Project is unique because it doesn’t tell Christians what to think – it teaches them how to think – to evaluate every aspect of life through a biblical perspective. 

We have already seen what a 'biblical perspective' can do to Arizona!

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