ANNOUNCING: "Protect the Freedom Wall" Campaign

There's a lot of talk in Arizona about walls today.  At Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ), we're very concerned with one such wall.  The wall we seek to uphold does not divide countires or classes of people, but unifies citizens of all beliefs and protects their first amendment freedoms.  The wall separating church and state is a constitutional mandate that ensures freedom of conscience for Arizonans of all backgrounds.  

The Freedom Wall is one that all of you who support Secular AZ have helped strengthen.  Through your actions and donations, 25 discriminatory laws designed to tear down the Freedom Wall were defeated and citizens of all faiths and none were protected in recent years.  The Freedom Wall is continuously under attack by lobbyists bankrolled by religious groups and legislators seeking to inject personal religious beliefs into public policy.

Thanks to you, several dozen bills that would have violated the principles of secular government have been defeated in the Arizona legislature since Secular AZ formed in 2010.  We want you to know that we applaud and appreciate your part in the growing army of Arizona citizens helping to make this happen.

What you've helped us to achieve

In our short five-year existence, with your donations and action, we've stopped legislation that would have:

  • used public tax dollars for religious education
  • allowed discrimination against citizens under the guise of "religious liberty"
  • limited access to health care on religious grounds
  • granted unfair tax privilege to religious organizations

Please help us to continue this positive trend.  Click here now to donate.

The reality: we've only just begun

Here's our collective challenge.  Even though we helped stop 25 bills from becoming law in recent years, there were still almost thirty more that did become law.  Secular AZ is the only organization that works directly with our state legislature to protect and reinforce the Freedom Wall between church and state - and we cannot continue to progress without you.  We are proud to say that we are supported by both religious believers and non-believers alike - individuals who recognize that secular government is the best protection against discrimination in all it's forms.

Today we're launching our Protect the Freedom Wall campaign to raise funds for 2016.  We need to increase our visibility at the state house.  Why?  Because the shocking truth is that many state senators and representatives have shown through their voting record that they willfully disregard our nation's constitutional requirement of church-state separation.

Help us reach our goal

We're dedicated to start the next legislative session with financial strength through increased public support.  Our immediate goal is to raise $20,000 during the month of October.  By doing so, we'll be able to:

  • reach more elected officals
  • craft thoughtful debate
  • measure and publicize our success
  • gain media attention for secular issues
  • stimulate activism from more supporters like you
  • amplify your voice at the state house

We need your help to make this happen.

Please help strengthen our fight.  Make a donation of $25, $50, $500 or more to help us better represent your committment to fortifying the Freedom Wall and maintaining separation of church and state.  Click here to make your donation.

We simply can't do it without you.  Your support has and will continue to make a genuine and lasting impact by further limiting the blatant self-interest of the extreme religious right and their influene on lawmakers in our state.  

Please act now.  Stopping more legislation that violates our constitutional guarantee of separation of church and state is at stake.

Our promise to you: accountability and transparency

Here's what we promise in return.  We will report our successes and our setbacks to you via regular updates on our website and in email.  We will also be accountable to you for how your contributions are being spent.  Please visit our expense summaries listing now to find out more about how your hard-earned money will be put to use.


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