Action Alert: Bill Seeks to Unconstitutionally Outlaw Satanic Displays

State Senator Jake Hoffman’s SB1279 would ban all satanic displays on pubic property. Its broadly-worded language means that implications could possibly extend to citizens who simply wear clothing with satanic elements (i.e. metal band shirts, clothing with devil iconography) as well as placards and handouts by satanic organizations.

The US and Arizona constitutions require the government to treat all religions equally without preference or discrimination. This bill would open Arizona up to wasteful lawsuits in addition to flagrantly discriminating against a religious group.

As the Satanic Temple is an activist organization that advocates for religious freedom, this bill also serves to stifle 1st amendment rights to free speech.

As of 2/8/24, SB1279 has passed Senate Government Committee and is on its way to the Senate floor. 

What you can do:

People in both parties will need to hear from constituents to stop SB1279. 

Senate Republicans may not necessarily all vote for such a fiscally irresponsible bill… let alone one that undermines their own constitutional protections.

Democrats may also need to hear support from constituents before getting on the record about SB1279. Satanists are not politically popular, which is why they are being singled out in this fashion. 

Find your state Senator’s contact info here. 

As always, you are welcome to contact us at if you need help.