Action Alert: Paradise Valley Unified School Board meeting 8/24

We have a big opportunity tomorrow to introduce some common sense at Paradise Valley Unified School District governing board meetings.

We just discovered that at tomorrow’s meeting, members will consider a measure to push non-agenda-related public comments to the end of the meeting.

This would mean that if somebody wants to show up to run their mouth about bathrooms, God, masks, or “obscene” books, they’d have to wait until the actual business of the district has been discussed. (Public comments about things actually on the agenda would still take place at the normal times.)

We absolutely want public comments to be a part of every board meeting, but with extremist board members rallying their followers online about issues unrelated to the business, it makes sense for all comments not related to a specific agenda item to wait until the end of the meeting.

Christian nationalist groups are already rallying their followers to speak against this. They need to hear louder from us.


  1. Attend tomorrow’s PVUSD Governing Board Meeting and speak in favor of the measure (agenda item #3)
  2. Email to let the whole board know you support this.

Meeting details:

Paradise Valley Unified School District

15002 N. 32nd Street, Phoenix 85032

Doors open at 6:30 PM (get there early)

If you can, fill out a comment form by 6:55 PM. (A form must be filled in to be heard from the podium.)

If you need or pointers on attending your first meeting, feel free to contact us.