Speak Out on Insidious “Parental Rights” Bills

child silenced by abuse

We’ll cut to the chase about what we’re facing at the Legislature this year: an onslaught of bills designed to kill public education; oppress minorities; curb critical thought in schools; and politically entrench the extreme religious right.

A major conservative theme this year is “parental rights – bills designed to suppress freedom of thought, identity, and reproductive choice among youth, and to push adults who support these freedoms out of schools and government.

Four such bills—SB1015, HB2161, HB2439, and HB2495—are headed to committee starting Tuesday.

Respectively, these bills eliminate medical confidentiality protections for minors; require schools to disclose information about students’ gender identities; and ban books that mention sexuality or race.

Here’s what you can do about them:

  1. Use our web form to read more and contact committee members.
  2. If you are a Request to Speak user, sign in against the above bills.
  3. Contact us if you can testify live the Capitol Tuesday or Wednesday.