Stand Up Against Christian Nationalism at the Peoria Unified School Board Meeting

Equality flag next to image of arms holding up signs that say Keep Religion Out of Government

A Christian nationalist group wants to swamp Peoria Unified’s April 11th school board meeting in support of members and staff who made LGBTQ+ people the target of (sometimes literal) demonization in the district.

Former PUSD teacher River Chunnui says they were the target of fearmongering by Board Member Rooks and former Member Rebecca Hill, who —along with evangelicals and other far-right groups — have waged a political smear campaign in the district against non-gender conforming people, casting Chunnui as a child predator because of their identity.

Chunnui is suing the district for creating a hostile work environment, free speech violations, sex discrimination, and other counts.

Christian nationalist group Arizona Women of Action wants to use the April 11th meeting for a publicity stunt implying there is mass support for religiously-driven transphobia in PUSD. While they are calling for a “peaceful” meeting, keep in my mind recent “peaceful” public comments have included hardcore evangelizing against LGBTQ+ people among other indignities to the district’s diverse population.


  1. Get to the April 11th PUSD Governing Board meeting early (meeting starts starts at 6pm) and fill seats before extremists get the chance. Location: 6330 W Thunderbird Rd. Glendale, AZ
  2. Wear highly-visible clothing advocating secular or pro-equality values (steal a spot in front of a camera if you can — CNs like to do that)
  3. Speak at the meeting in support of secular values and civil rights, identifying that you’re a constituent of PUSD
  4. Pledge and share this form