UPDATED: Sign in against state-funded invasions of women’s privacy today

Update 2/5: HB2404 has passed House Health Committee and is now being heard in House Appropriations 2/10.

The frightening HB2404 & SB1251 appropriate $3M of your taxpayer dollars to an anti-choice nonprofit specializing in marketing.

The bills’ goal: to create a statewide system to “encourage healthy childbirth, support childbirth as an alternative to abortion, promote family formation, aid successful parenting and increase families’ economic self-sufficiency.

We’ve seen this before. The past two years, lawmakers have tried unsuccessfully to give millions to the same nonprofit— revealed as “The Human Coalition“— which runs unregulated faux women’s “clinics.” These facilities are known to pose as health care providers, but instead present inaccurate, incomplete, and often misleading information about birth control and reproductive care.

The “clinics” also use technology and high-pressure persuasive techniques to impose a religious anti-choice agenda on women. This includes:

  • The use of big data, geotargeting, and misleading internet marketing to redirect women seeking legitimate pregnancy options to their “clinics”
  • Beaming ads carrying anti-choice messages to women’s phones while inside their storefronts
  • Presenting debunked science and misleading information to convince a woman to carry to term, even if she has already decided to terminate the pregnancy
  • Follow-up calls, text messages, and unsolicited social media contact after an appointment to keep up the pressure

In addition to these privacy violations, Human Coalition’s founder has openly talked about harvesting this data for political purposes.

With no oversight or accountability requirements, HB2404 & SB1251 spend tax dollars on a blatant violation of Arizonans’ privacy, while censoring and withholding information about all health care resources available to women.

On top of it all, this is state sponsorship of a religious ideology that infringes on the beliefs of all people— religious and non-religious alike— who believe a woman has autonomy over her own body.

Secular government protects religious freedom for all. Let the Legislature know it!

Use the form here to send emails to your Legislators and the Governor. If you have a few minutes, please personalize the emails. If you don’t have the time, feel free to click and send.


This bill is assigned to the House Appropriations Committee 2/10 at 2:00.

What you can do:


1 Sign into Request to Speak (RTS) against both bills.

2. If you can speak remotely before the committee indicate so on RTS and follow the instructions that follow about emailing each committee 24 hours before each hearing.

3. Use this action alert to email committee members.

(Need help? Contact tory@secularaz.org for assistance.)