HB2507 Places Religious Organizations Above the Law in All Areas of Life

The biggest, most dangerous religious privilege bill of all time just passed the House and moved to the Senate.
Under HB2507, people who have been harmed by a religious organization or business are prohibited from suing or seeking prosecution for a huge array of laws, with exceptions carved out for only a select few heinous crimes. Under it, religious organizations would be permitted to freely discriminate against whomever they likeand religious practice could be used to defend in court against charges of crimes such as unlawful imprisonment, sex trafficking, fraudulent schemes, and child abuse.
This bill passed with support of all House Republicans, plus Democratic Representatives Chavez (D-29), Diego Rodriguez (D-27), Alma Hernandez (D-3), Espinoza (D-19), Meza (D-30), and Sierra (D-19).
Secular AZ attorney Beth Houck has a detailed analysis here, and we’ve revised our previously-issued action form here so that messages now go to the Senate. When you have a moment, read up, spread the message, and contact your State Senator regardless of party affiliation.