ACTION ALERT: Should it be a felony in AZ to let a kid see Shakespeare?

Two extreme bills are being heard in committee tomorrow, 2/2 in the AZ State Legislature:

  • SB1028: making it a felony to let a minor see any performance containing elements of drag
  • SB1111: fining school districts $1,000 if they fail to display the American flag

SB1028 is more hateful scapegoating and a crazy overreach into private citizens’ lives. Even proponents of “parental rights” should oppose this one. It would mean adults could be imprisoned for showing kids not just drag performances (not all of which are sexual or risqué), but any performances where a person dresses as the opposite gender. This would imprison people for letting youth see plays like Mulan, Tootsie, Rent, any number of Shakespeare’s plays, or any show that casts an actor outside their gender.

SB1111, of course, is another burden on schools in the name of right-wing virtue signaling.

What you can do:

If you are a Request to Speak user, sign in against these bills and/or ask to testify in committee before SB1028 is heard tomorrow (2/2) at 9 AM and SB1111 is heard at 2 PM.

After this time, the best course of action will be to contact your own Legislator and let them know you oppose bills of this type.

If you need help with Request to Speak or need to sign up, please see resources by our friends at Civic Engagement Beyond Voting (and consider throwing them a donation for all the hard work they do).