Oppose an unconstitutional healthcare bill before 1/27

SCR1009 is a resolution in support of the Federal Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act (BAASPA).

The federal bill threatens doctors with fines and prison time if they do not attempt to resuscitate fetuses born alive after a failed abortion, or after a mother is forced to induce pregnancy early. This would include such instances where a baby is diagnosed with a fatal abnormality and isn’t expected to live.

BAASPA is intended to intimidate women’s care physicians and burden abortion providers with equipment costs. It also addresses a non-existent problem: a 2002 law already guarantees full legal rights to infants born at any stage, without maligning doctors with criminal penalties.

Why Oppose SCR1009?

  • We shouldn’t be wasting time on unconstitutional laws during a pandemic and insurrection
  • It violates constitutional rights to privacy in reproductive choice and the right for a person to make medical care decisions
  • It violates doctor/patient privilege to determine the best medical care
  • It violates constitutional rights to religious freedom, which should extend to those who do not believe life “begins at conception.”
  • It interferes with doctors’ ability to use best medical judgment based on science and replaces it with religious belief
  • It interferes with doctors’ ability to “first do no harm” in requiring doctors to give care that might be harmful.
  • It is simply an attempt to control doctors and patients according to a single religious belief.
  • There is no fact-based valid research showing this is really a problem
  • Fetuses delivered at 20 to 21 weeks due to fatal abnormalities have zero chance of survival according to doctors. BAASPA would force doctors to provide distressing, futile resuscitation attempts following these births instead providing comfort care.

This bill is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Health and Human Services (HHS) Committee this Wednesday 1/27.

What you can do:

  1. Click here to email members of the Senate HHS Committee
  2. Sign into Request to Speak (RTS) against both bills.
If you wish to speak live during the remote committee hearing, indicate so on RTS and email senateCOM@azleg.gov before 9AM 1/26 to ask for the virtual meeting login.
Need help? Contact tory@secularaz.org for assistance.