May 23, 2019: Mirror bills HB2759 and S1547 just passed committee and will likely be heard on the floor this evening.

We need your voice to stop them on the floor.

We oppose the bills on these grounds:

  • They give away $7.5 million in taxpayer funds to unlicensed fake pregnancy centers— faux healthcare facilities designed only to convince women not to have abortions, often with misleading or inaccurate information.
  • The bills are only a few paragraphs long. They do not require the state to provide any oversight of how the money it is being spent, or how effective the programs are (even in stopping abortions).
  • The bills do not require the facilities to be licensed. (Most fake pregnancy centers are not.)
  • Similar programs have already proven extremely wasteful and ineffective, even from a pro-life standpoint. A similar Texas program providing millions to an anti-abortion organization known as Heidi Group was shut down last year and faces investigation into questionable billing after the group only served 5% of the number of women it promised.

Please contact your own legislators as well as targeted Republicans Rep. Steve Pierce (LD-1) and Sen. Kate Brophy McGee (LD-28) before the bill is heard on the floor this evening.

You may use Phone2Action here or call your lawmakers directly.

The targeted lawmakers can also be found at:

Phone calls are most effective but you may also email them as well.

Please make sure to indicate in your message any areas of expertise you may have. Keep in mind lawmakers are already familiar with anti-abortion rhetoric; our most effective messages this time will be about the bills’ extreme fiscal irresponsibility.