Take Action: Religious Privilege on Steroids

The biggest religious privilege bill of all time is being heard again, this time in Senate Government Committee on Monday 3/14.

We’ve described HB2507 as “religious privilege on steroids.” The loopholes created in this amendment to Arizona’s Civil Rights code would:

  • Allow religious organizations to circumvent all anti-discrimination laws
  • Make religious exercise a defense in almost any lawsuit, including prosecutions for crimes like sex trafficking, female genital mutilation, negligent homicide, and pedophile grooming acts like administering drugs and alcohol to children
  • Let religious organizations freely ignore public safety laws regarding public emergencies
  • Violate the State and US Constitutions, resulting in wasteful lawsuits

This bill is supported by SPLC-designated hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, yet has been garnering the support of an increasing amount of support from lawmakers in both parties.

What you can do:

  1. Send another message to lawmakers—this time members of the Senate Government Committee and our own Senators.
  2. Sign in against the bill on Request to Speak (RTS) and testify if you can
  3. Join us for Monday’s Secular Day at the Capitol, where we’ll help people get set up to use RTS and lobby lawmakers on this dangerous bill

By the way, registration is closed to request lunch and lawmaker appointments for Day at the Capitol, but drop-ins are still welcome!