Tell the Board of Education “Yes” to Comprehensive Sex Ed

Sex education in public schools is under attack again by religious extremism. Tell the Board you support comprehensive sex education for our students!

Click here to contact the Board. 

Recently, pro-LGBTQ activists sued Arizona to repeal its “no promo homo” laws: homophobic statute that prohibited schools from teaching about “homosexuality as a positive lifestyle” and about safer methods of gay sex as part of HIV/AIDS education classes.

The activists won: the Attorney General declined to defend against the suit, and the Legislature voted overwhelmingly to repeal the statute.

In light of this, the Board of Education met on June 24 to discuss improvements to sex education rules. The proposed changes:

  • Striking language banning the teaching of “abnormal, deviate, or unusual sexual acts and practices”
  • Inserting language that sex education classes “be medically and scientifically accurate.”
  • Directing teachers to provide medically accurate instruction on methods to prevent the transmission of STIs.
  • Struck a line promoting “the honor and respect for monogamous heterosexual marriage.”

Unexpectedly, the hearing was attended by over 100 right wing protesters who argued against comprehensive sex education (CSE), citing conspiracy theories and puritanical religious morality.

The agenda item was dropped, but Board members need to know that support for inclusive, non-homophobic CSE outnumbers the protests they heard!

Click here to email the board and tell them:

  • We support R7-2-303 v2 (the rule change) as proposed.
  • We support comprehensive, scientifically-accurate sex education.
  • We do not support any variations of “no promo homo”  or any other rules which marginalize LGBTQ students.

We need a thunderstorm of emails. When you are done, please share this action alert with five friends to add to the support!