Action alert: Phoenix public schools partnering with right-wing religious college

The religious right is manufacturing rage over Washington Elementary School District (WESD)’s decision to stop partnering with a discriminatory college. Now school board members are being harassed by misinformed people from all over the country.

Last week, Washington Elementary School District (WESD) voted to end a teacher training program with Arizona Christian University—an evangelical school that mandates hate against LGBTQ+ people. Its statement of faith requires all staff members to abide by the belief that marriage is only between one man and woman, and that LGBTQ+ people are “sinful,” “immoral,” and “offensive to God.”

Right wing outlets like Fox News, New York Post, and The Christian Post are painting the decision as an attack on Christianity at large—though nothing could be further from the truth.

For me, this is not a concern about Christianity,” said board president Nikkie Gomez-Whaley. “There are plenty of Christian denominations who are LGBTQ friendly. So, I want to make it clear that, for me, my pause is not that they’re Christian so much as this particular institution’s strong anti-LGBTQ stance, and their strong belief that you believe this to your core, and you take it out into the world.”

Despite the unanimous vote, conservative propaganda is calling out LGBT board members, singling them out for harassment.

We’ve seen this tactic used by the religious right to intimidate decent school board members, or even run them out of office.

But reasonable people are coming out of the woodwork to say enough is enough. We did it a couple weeks ago in Scottsdale.

Sometimes we even go viral.

What you can do:

  1. Show up at the Thursday March 9th WESD School Board meeting: 7PM at 4650 West Sweetwater, Glendale, AZ 85304. Come early to claim as many seats as possible. Speak during public comments.
  2. Email words of encouragement to all the board members. Their contact info can be found here.

You can email us at if you need any help.