Activists slam religious bigotry at Peoria Unified School District meeting

At the last Peoria Unified School District meeting…

  • Christian nationalist board members Rebecca Hill and Heather Rooks illegally quoted two particularly militant Bible passages (Deuteronomy 5:29 and Ephesians 6:13)—a week after quoting another one which called for the extermination of all non-Christians.
  • These same two promised to vote against absolutely everything on the agenda at every future meeting as retaliation for the board voting against a transgender bathroom ban.

Secular AZ Executive Director Jeanne Casteen was on hand for the meeting, and wrote up what she saw on our Substack. She was one of several activist constituents who spoke up against religious bigotry at the meeting.


Fortunately, Casteen noted “sanity came from a woman named Leanne Roberts, who encouraged Board Members Ewing, Sandoval, and Sorensen to run again, and that they have mad support from voters in the district. She pointed out how Rooks and Hill are violating their oaths and various district policies. I personally think that Ms. Roberts would make a spectacular candidate.”

Casteen concludes: “Though their voices may be loud, these extremists are in the minority. A very recent survey found that less than 20 percent of Americans sympathize with Christian nationalist views, and only 10 percent consider themselves to be Christian nationalists.”

Please get involved in your local school board meetings and support pro-public education candidates whenever you can.