Each election season, we offer candidates the chance to provide their positions on issues that are important to our constituency.

Although we have been asked many times by our supporters to do so, Secular Coalition for Arizona does not endorse candidates. Rather, we survey candidates and present answers as part of the Secular Coalition for Arizona Candidate Guide.

We sent all candidates for Legislative office a survey consisting of seventeen (17) policy positions addressing subjects important to the secular constituency in Arizona:

For each statement, candidates were asked to measure their support for these positions on a scale of 1-10.

A score of 10 meant “Strongly Agree” and 1 meant “Strongly Disagree.”

The following candidates returned their surveys to us before our deadline of June 30th. Their responses are presented to you exactly as given by each candidate.

Candidate Survey Responses:

Richard Andrade: LD 29 House Candidate

Kimberly Beach-Moschetti: LD 14 House Candidate

Andrea Dalessandro: LD 2 House Candidate

Doug Ervin: LD 20 Senate Candidate

John Fillmore: LD 16 House Candidate

Sharon Girard: LD 8 House Candidate

Ronnie Maestas-Condos: LD 14 House Candidate

JoAnna Mendoza: LD 11 Senate Candidate

Patrick Morales: LD 26 House Candidate

Gerae Peten: LD 4 House Candidate

Judy Schwiebert: LED 20 House Candidate

Leezah Sun: LD 19 House Candidate

Evaluating Incumbents Who Did Not Respond:

Not all candidates returned a “Candidate Questionnaire.”

However, incumbent candidates can be evaluated by reviewing their voting history on our Legislative Scorecards here.