“Drag story hour” faux controversy distracts from youth action, prayer blunder

Democrats in the State House have been banned from using the building’s conference rooms because they used one for a “Drag Story Hour” with Planned Parenthood, allegedly in secret. In rationalizing the ban before the media, conservatives fretted about childrens’ exposure to “radical activism” and “perverse ideology,” however no children were present at the event. Continue reading

Secular AZ attorneys sign, file brief urging dismissal of Christian nationalist school board member’s lawsuit

Adapted from a news release by Freedom From Religion Foundation

In an amicus brief filed April 18th, Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ) joined Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) in asking a federal district court to dismiss a case that a religion-spouting school board member has brought against her own board. Continue reading

Action alert: grooming bill allows for baseless sex crime accusations

Under HB2310, this very page could be enough to charge us with a felony if it were sent a minor.

HB2310 seeks to classify grooming — preparing a minor for sexual abuse — as a felony. We already have laws prohibiting groomingbut this one would define the crime so ambiguously that the law could be enforced arbitrarily, discriminatorily, and in a way that stifles free speech. Continue reading

Minors’ Rights in Health Care

Previously, the Secular AZ blog has featured articles about minors’ rights in school and their right to access information. Adolescents also have unique concerns regarding their right to privacy in healthcare settings. The COVID-19 pandemic, culture wars around vaccines, and recent changes in abortion law have made confidentiality and consent issues particularly critical. The international human rights community recognizes confidentiality in health matters as a component of a youth’s fundamental right to privacy. Continue reading

BREAKING: Magical sugar pills are not as effective as actual medicine!

This past September, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued warning letters to eight companies for manufacturing or marketing unapproved eye drops in violation of federal law. The eye drops in question, which include the brands EzriCare, Delsam, and Similasan, claim to be “homeopathic eye drop solutions” that purport to relieve dry eyes, pink eye, cataracts, styes, allergy symptoms, and computer eyes.

The problem? Homeopathy is a nonsensical, unregulated junk science and these eye drops can actually harm people. Continue reading

Fearmongering in Camp Verde

By Adriana Clark

It all started with a Pride display in June. Every month, the staff at the Camp Verde Community Library puts together a display of library books and media highlighting a particular theme. The display gathers materials from all areas of the library, including adult fiction and nonfiction, teen fiction and nonfiction, and audio-visual materials. The June theme was “Read with Pride” and featured books by and about the LGBTQ community. Continue reading