Victory: Governor Hobbs vetoes bill promoting gender “detransition”

Governor Hobbs has vetoed SB1511, a bill sent to her desk by the State’s Republican majority which sensationalized the idea of gender “detransitioning” by requiring health insurers to cover the procedure.

Generally, detransitioning is rare. When trans people do itit’s usually because of the harassment and discrimination they receive. A major survey showed 82.5% of detransitioning people reported at least one external driving factor like family pressure and social stigma. Those who had detransitioned purely because of personal preference reported only 0.4% of the overall sample.

This problematic bill also would have discouraged patients from seeking both gender transition and detransition by requiring a report when a patient comes in for these confidential procedures.

SB1511 was opposed by Human Rights Campaign AZ, GLSEN AZ, AZTYPO, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, and others.

Thank you to all who joined in our call to action to contact Governor Hobbs. Thank her for her decision at at (602) 542-4331 or on this Online Comment Form.