TradCaths are Having a Moment: Lauren Horn Griffin


Join us on July 19 at noon for a conversation with Dr. Lauren Horn Griffin, PhD. Dr. Griffin is assistant professor in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Louisiana State University. Her research and teaching focus on religion, politics, media, and technology.

SCOTUS and Reproductive Rights in AZ with Prof Barbara Atwood


Join us on July 12 at noon as Barbara Atwood, Mary Anne Richey Professor of Law Emerita and Co-Director of the Family and Juvenile Law Certificate Program at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers College of Law, joins us to discuss the Arizona abortion ban case and the mifepristone case.

Save the Date: Watch Bad Faith with the author of Democracy in Chains

You're invited to a Watch Party, Discussion, and Book Signing with acclaimed author Nancy MacLean!

Dr. MacClean is a distinguished historian and author of the book Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America.

In it, MacLean documents her years-long investigation into what she calls “a stealth bid to reverse-engineer all of America, at both the state and national levels, back to the oligarchic governance of midcentury Virginia, minus the segregation.”

On 6/28, Dr. MacClean will sign and discuss the book, with a screening of the documentary Bad Faith, analyzing the factors that gave rise to the current form of Christian nationalism in the U.S.

Cait West, Author of “Rift: Breaking Away from Christian Patriarchy”


JJoin us on June 28 for a conversation with special guest Cait West.

Cait West is a writer, editor and author of "Rift: A Memoir of Breaking Away from Christian Patriarchy." Her work has been published in The Revealer, Religion Dispatches, Fourth Genre and Hawai'i Pacific Review, among others. As an advocate and a survivor of the Christian patriarchy movement, she serves on the editorial board for Tears of Eden, a nonprofit providing resources for survivors of spiritual abuse, and co-hosts the Survivors Discuss podcast.

American Humanist Association: Engaging Secular Voters


Join us on June 21 for a conversation with special guest Isabella Russian of the American Humanist Association. We'll be talking about secular voters: voter registration, state and national level legislation, and engaging with local governments.. 

\Isabella Russian is the Policy Coordinator at the American Humanist Association. Prior to moving to D.C., she worked at the Arizona House of Representatives as nonpartisan research staff, interned with the ACLU of Arizona, and attended Arizona State University. The state is very dear to her, and she's happy to be back in the company of Arizonans.

Athena Salman of Reproductive Freedom For All


Join us on June 14 at noon (PST) for special guest Athena Salman, Arizona Campaign Director for Reproductive Freedom for All. She'll talk about the current (lack of) reproductive rights in Arizona, the abortion ban, the AZ Abortion Access act and more. 

Athena Salman came to Reproductive Freedom for All from the Arizona House of Representatives, where she was a fierce advocate for access to reproductive health care, including abortion, since she was first elected in 2016. In 2023, she established the Arizona Repro Table, a coalition of partners in Arizona working together to protect and advance reproductive rights. Athena was honored as a Secular AZ "Secular Star Lawmaker" many times. 

Nice is Not Enough: Public Schools and LGBTQ Youth with CJ Pascoe


Join us on June 7 at noon for a talk with special guest CJ Pascoe PhD, author of Nice is Not Enough: Inequality and the Limits of Kindness at American High, Dude You're a F*g, and co-editor of Gender Replay: On Kids, Schools and Feminism. After years of burgeoning support for LGBTQ rights, increasingly these rights are coming under attack. These attacks are especially pronounced for queer youth. CJ Pascoe has researched the experiences of LGBTQ students in public schools for two decades. In this talk she will present findings from her new book, Nice Is Not Enough: Inequality and the Limits of Kindness at American High. Nice Is Not Enough documents the challenges faced by young folks in public schools and, importantly, shows how we can advocate for safer schools that support all young folks through shifts in policy, social activities and classroom content.

Arizona Elections with Jen Marson


After the constant election lies and conspiracy theories pushed by extremists on the right since 2020, elections in Arizona feel more fraught than ever. Learn about the important role of poll workers and how you can contribute to safe, secure elections in Arizona in 2024 when we're joined by Jennifer Marson, Executive Director of Arizona Association of Counties on May 24 at noon.

How Women Became America’s Social Safety Net


After the 2022 Dobb's decision that forced us all to follow one narrow religious perspective, anyone with a uterus became a second class citizen in the U.S. But on top of this loss of rights and diminished status, women serve as a de facto societal safety net in America.

Jessica Calarco, PhD, has studied this issue for years; she'll join us on Friday May 17 to talk about this work in her new book Holding it Together: How Women Became America's Social Safety Net.

Why Evangelicals Worship Trump with Reverend Nathaniel Manderson


It's no secret that U.S. evangelicals are enamored with a convicted rapist with more than 90 outstanding criminal charges who brags of grabbing women's genitals. At one time, this seemed antithetical to the teachings of Jesus that evangelicals claim to follow. But in recent years, Trumpism has become a religion all its own, and its greatest adherents are evangelicals.

Please join us on May 10th at noon to talk about trump worship from the perspective of a faith leader who opposes Christian nationalism and supports church:state separation, Reverend Nathaniel Manderson.