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Looking for other ways to support constitutionally required church:state separation in Arizona?


Lend a hand and help build a wall between church and state! Click here if you'd like to volunteer with Secular AZ.

Shop at Frys

Create an account or sign in to an existing account at When you’re logged in, select “Community Rewards.” Click on “Enroll” then “Find Organization.” Search for AC614 or Secular Communities for Arizona. Every time you shop while using your Frys Rewards card, we'll receive a percentage!

Employer Matching Donations

Does your employer match employee donations? If they do, it’s a great way to double your impact! When you donate to Secular AZ, check to see if your employer will match your gift; start by searching for your employer in this online match-finder.  Secular AZ's EIN is 46-2530441.

Donate a Used Car or Other Vehicle

We partner with Car Easy to make donating a used car or other vehicle simple. &

You can raise money for Secular AZ every time you do a web search! Just create an account at, select Secular Communities for Arizona as your designed charity, and search the web. If you shop through, they'll also donate to us; plus, their Gumdrop app even helps you find coupons and promo codes to save money.


Shop through iGive to contribute to Secular AZ! Simply create an account at and choose Secular Communities of Arizona as your designated charity.

Leave a Legacy

Create a lasting legacy of secular support by including Secular AZ in your will. Our estate planning guide makes it easy.