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Now more than ever, we need you at our side to fortify the wall separating church and state. Not only do we depend on financial support from members to execute our programs, we need to count you as a member of the rapidly growing group that fights for secular public policy.

Through communications, events and other interactions, we provide our supporters with the opportunity to impact legislation and protect church/state separation in Arizona.


  • Invitations to special members-only events, like our annual Secular Summit, and the opportunity to interact with and provide suggestions to Secular AZ’s executive staff and board of directors
  • A Secular Coalition for Arizona Membership Card and a sticker or magnet proclaiming your support for secular government
  • A members-only presentation after the close of Arizona’s Regular Legislative Session where you’ll gain an insider’s view of specific bills, the actions we took, and the opportunities and challenges we anticipate in the next session
  • Assistance from our Director of Government Affairs to connect with your elected officials at the state, regional and local levels on important secular issues
  • The satisfaction of standing in solidarity with other Arizonans in our common cause for secular public policy