Secular AZ 2023 Legislative Report: 27 bills threatened separation of church and state this year

Each year, Secular AZ analyzes the state of secular government at the Arizona State Capitol. Our 2023 Legislative Report is ready, and it shows the Arizona State Legislature considered…

  • 9 bills discriminating against LGBTQ+
  • 7 bills inserting religious dogma into classrooms
  • 6 bills threatening reproductive rights
  • 4 bills sending tax dollars to religious schools
  • 1 bill granting unconstitutional religious privilege

Representatives also considered House floor motions to expel and censure a legislator for hiding Bibles.

Democratic legislators Catherine Miranda (D-11) and Lydia Hernandez (D-24) crossed party lines to support Christian nationalist anti-abortion legislation. Rep. David Cook (R-7) voted against Republicans on school censorship.

Nine Senate Democrats helped Governor Hobbs pass a law (SB1049) privileging the Betsy Ross flag, used as a symbol by white Christian nationalist militias.

37 pro-secular bills were blocked, but the 17 secular advocates who introduced them may warrant your attention this election cycle—as may those who introduced the Christian nationalist bills above.

We’ve rounded up that, lawmakers’ full voting records on secular issuesand all the bills in our full report.

Secular AZ is the only organization dedicated to tracking legislation impacting separation of church and state at the legislature. You won’t find this information all in one place anywhere else.

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