Don't Let Religious Oppression Destroy Arizona's Small Business Community!

It seems like every day our legal team is uncovering additional ways in which SB1178, purportedly a religious "liberty" bill, will cause real harm to real Arizonans--and we need to make sure our legislators have this information as well. The bill's supporters claim it protects religious "liberty" by allowing individuals to disregard public law if the law conflicts with their religious beliefs--but many of the protections proponents claim it will provide already exist under Arizona's Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The reality is that rather than expanding liberty, this bill endangers public safety and Arizona's small businesses. Under SB1178, an individual could sue a business that is complying with the law just because the law offends a particular individual's personal sensibilities! Businesses should never be at risk of penalties for complying with the law. This would be particularly detrimental to small businesses, which tend to have fewer resources to fight frivolous lawsuits.

There is also a very real threat to public safety, because SB1178 does not provide exceptions for criminal conduct and other kinds of misconduct.

SB1178 is on the agenda once again for a final vote in the State House of Representatives on May 15th at 1:30 p.m. Please consider joining us in one last effort to help our legislators understand how this bill is bad for liberty, bad for businesses, and bad for public safety. Please email your Representative and ask them to VOTE NO ON SB1178!

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