Announcing our Summer Intern!

Secular Coalition for Arizona is pleased to announce the hire of our summer intern, Jessica Draper! Jessica is currently a sophomore at the University of Arizona where she is pursuing a degree in Political Science along with two minors including Gender and Women's Studies and Middle Eastern & North African Studies.

Born and raised in Gilbert, Arizona, Jessica grew up in a predominantly Mormon area where she herself was baptized Mormon at the age of eight. At 11 years old, she dropped religion altogether and became a self-proclaimed atheist.

As a college freshman in the Fall of 2012, 19-year-old Jessica started a Secular Student Alliance group on her campus and currently resides as president. Through the creation of that group, she has become more involved within the secular community. With a family background rooted in harmful religious fundamentalism, Jessica intends to continue increasing her involvement in advancing the goals of the secular movement. Jessica can be reached at:

Our internship program is one of the most important ways SC Arizona helps train secular leaders for the future. Please consider a DONATION to support this important program.

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