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Ask Governor Brewer to Veto State-Sanctioned Religious Discrimination

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The Arizona Sate House and Senate passed concurrent bills (HB2153/SB1062) this week that will codify religious discrimination into law.

The bills, pushed by The Center for Arizona Policy, is so extreme that versions of the proposed law have recently been rejected by other state legislatures, even in conservative and religious states such as Idaho, Ohio, and Kansas.  This is just another bill in a long list of extremist bills that don't represent average Arizonans.

This bill has the potential to invite the types of boycotts seen under SB1070 and as far back as our refusal to recognize Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Day that lost us the Superbowl. Tell Governor Brewer we can't afford another state scandal due to our discriminatory laws.


Ask Governor Brewer not to be fooled by faux claims of religious liberty.  Ask her to VETO this discrimination bill!



Talking Points:

  • Real Arizonans will be discriminated against
  • Religious liberty will decrease, not increase
  • The bill is unconstitutional and will result in an unnecessary tax-payer funded defense
  • Arizona businesses may be hurt as it invites SB1070-type business boycotts.


Call Governor Brewer today:



Phoenix: 602-542-4331

Tucson: 520-628-6580

Fax: 602-542-1381

In-State Toll Free (outside Maricopa County only): 1-800-253-0883





Email her staff.




Tell her to send a message to our state and nation that we will not bend to the will of an extremist minority and that discrimination in any form will not be tolerated.