Action Alert

Action Alerts! Please Act Now!

This is the last week where House bills will be heard in Senate committees, and Senate bills heard in House committees.  As such, we have several bills that will be heard this week.  

Thank you for taking action on all of the ACTION ALERTS listed here. 

Using Public Funds to Subsidize Religious Education

While running from their religious motivations, and similar to the disingenuous double-speak calling SB1062 "religious freedom", the Religious Right continue to attempt to expand Empowerment Scholarships, all while using the talking point of "school choice." As with the voucher scheme used in some other states, the vast majority of empowerment accounts are used to send students to expensive private religious schools that they otherwise would not be able to afford, effectively offering the "choice" to bridge the personal financial gap.  And you guessed it, these bills have their genesis at the Center for Arizona Policy. Additionally, private schools have little oversight so your tax dollars are not accountable for as well as potentially put science-based education and other secular subjects that rile the faithful at risk.

SB1237 Empowerment Scholarships; Revisions; Voted down in committee once, but has since been revived and is back for another vote on Monday

We need your voice. Our legislators need to know that this attack on our public education system will not stand.  Our Governor needs to know that this type of SB1062 extremism has no place in Arizona. 

Please write or call your legislators today and let them know our State can't afford to set our education system back further than it already is.  Click here to send a message through our "ACTION ALERT" system against SB1237.

Abortion, Religious Privilege, and Death with Dignity


There are three more bills working their way through the Legislature which we want to make sure you are aware of, and we are hopeful you will take action against.


HB2284 - a bill which would allow harassing inspections for women's healthcare clinics, even based on anonymous complaints.  CAP calls it "looking out for women's safety" but we know that it's actually another anti-abortion bill that is only looking out for the Religious Right's agenda.  Status: Passed House, Passed Senate Committee, Awaiting Rules and Senate Floor - CLICK HERE TO SEND MESSAGE TO SENATE



HB2281 - a bill which gives special treatment to churches by expanding a property tax exemption to those churches who lease property.  This is religious privilege codified into law.  Their argument is that churches provide a unique benefit to society and as such should be given special treatment, but they seem to forget about the many valuable non-religious non-profit organizations and charities who provide very unique services to our society. Just say "NO" to religious privilege in tax law.  Status: Passed House, Scheduled for Senate Committee on Wednesday, 3/19 - CLICK HERE TO SEND MESSAGE TO SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE


HB2565 - This bill modifies the definition of manslaughter by stating that a person commits the offense by intentionally offering or providing the physical means that another person uses to commit suicide, with the knowledge that the person intends to commit suicide. Religious arguments against Right to Die are personal beliefs and have no place in public policy.  Status:  Passed House, Scheduled for Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, 3/17 - CLICK HERE TO SEND MESSAGE TO SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE