SC AZ Endorses Six Candidates in General Election

Endorsements Open to All, Regardless of Political or Religious Affiliation
PHOENIX (October 6, 2014) –Secular Coalition for Arizona (SC Arizona) is pleased to endorse the following candidates running for state and federal office during the upcoming Arizona General Election.

James Woods, U.S. House of Representatives, 5th District
Lela Alston, Arizona House candidate, LD24
Lanny Morrison, Arizona House candidate, LD6
Cara Prior, Arizona House candidate, LD16
Scott Prior,Arizona Senate candidate, LD16
Bruce Wheeler, Arizona House candidate, LD10

The SC Arizona Board of Directors grants endorsements. Any candidate may apply, regardless of political or religious affiliation, or their stance on issues other than support for a secular government.

“Our goal is to ensure that Arizona’s public policy making is free of religious intrusion –an aim shared by each of these candidates,”said Zenaido Quintana, Board Chairman, SC Arizona.  “We thank these individuals for publicly supporting secular government, and are pleased to endorse each as a Secular Candidate for legislative office.”

For more information on these candidates, please visit their respective campaign websites.

Endorsement Criteria and Process
SC Arizona supports and may endorse for public office candidates of good ethical character who demonstrate respect and support for secular public policies based on the constitutional principal of separation of church and state. Endorsed candidates:
•        may belong to any or no religious faith and may have any or no political affiliation
•        are free to express personal beliefs as they chose
Any candidate may contact SC Arizona to request endorsement. Endorsements are granted after vetting by the SC Arizona Board of Directors. Endorsements do not necessarily apply to the full extent of any candidate’s politics, and also do not imply endorsement by SC Arizona’s liaised organizations.
About Secular Coalition for Arizona
The Secular Coalition for Arizona is a 501(c)(4) advocacy organization and state affiliate of Washington DC-based Secular Coalition for America. SC Arizona has a dual mission: first, to represent its diverse constituency to government, and to protect and advocate for sound secular public policy. Second,
SC Arizona works to raise the civic profile and acceptance of Arizona’s growing nontheistic citizenry.

Phoenix-based SC Arizona is supported by both theists and nontheists, and is liaisedwith a dozen secular organizations across the state.  For more information, visit


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