Your Boots on the Ground!

Opening Day 2015

The 52nd Arizona State Legislature began today, and the Secular Coalition for Arizona was there. 

Led by our full-time lobbyist Tory Anderson, the Secular Coalition for Arizona has "boots on the ground".  We're fighting for all Arizonans by ensuring that religion doesn't intrude on secular public policy. 

Today's State of the State address from Governor Ducey focused on expanding Arizona's economy, fiscal responsibility, and improving public schools.  We are hopeful that Mr. Ducey and the Arizona Legislature focus on these priorities and leave out the agenda of the extreme special interest groups at the Capitol seeking to insert religious privilege into all areas of Government.

On the other side of the aisle, House and Senate Democrats released their statement promoting a "Return on Investment" to Arizonans, which we are certain can be accomplished through a secular government.  

Throughout the 2015 legislative session, we'll provide you with regular updates via our website, Facebook, Twitter and by emails. We'll identify the bad bills - and the good ones, the ones that are true to secular principles, and we'll ask you to act on Action Alerts when necessary.

Challenges Ahead

Bad Bills:

We have our work cut out for us, and expect new and resurrected religiously motivated 'bad bills', most notably a new version of last years SB1062, a bill that would have granted the legal privilege for some to discriminate against others in hiring, firing and providing services based solely on religious belief. 

Bad Influences: 

It's no secret that the extremely well funded religious political action group, the Center for Arizona Policy or CAP, led by one of the most powerful unelected individuals in Arizona, Cathi Harrod, is the biggest threat to all who believe as our founding fathers did, that religion and government must remain separate. Don't let CAP's fake claims of religious liberty fool you, it's privilege in law for their particular version of religion they seek. They fail to see -or care- that by coercing all citizens, by force of law, to live by their religious wants and whims is, by necessity, to take liberties from others.


Grassroots Advocacy Training

Join us as we review the basics of the Arizona legislative process.  Learn how to be your own best advocate from the comfort of your home.  We'll review how a bill becomes a law and advocacy strategies.  

Thursday, January 22, 12:00p - 1:00p

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