On the Road: Prescott Freethinkers

Emphasizing the importance of secular government down to the regional and local level is a primary function at the Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ).  To achieve that goal, we spend time in Arizona communities throughout the state educating citizens on the pertinence of church and state separation principles, and how they affect everyone, religious or not.   

We are highlighting each of our supporting groups in our "On the Road with Secular AZ" series of articles here at for our members to follow along.

Recently, on August 17th, we visited the pristine pine tops of Prescott to share this message with the Prescott Freethinkers.

The Prescott Freethinkers are a down-to-earth family-oriented social group that prides themselves on education in the scientific process and uses cogent reason in their respective world view.  They reject the idea of supernaturalism and do not adhere to any authoritarian or dogmatic view, and they apply this method to their politics as well.

Secular AZ’s Director of Government Affairs, Tory Anderson, visited with the Prescott Freethinkers to discuss the importance of science and reason for the basis of law-making.  She gave a narration on Secular AZ’s history and the many threats to science and reason-based thinking that exists in the Arizona Legislature this very day. One such example was the “junk-science” abortion bill (SB 1318) that passed in the Arizona Legislature this year.

Not only did this bill further limit access to women’s more common healthcare, but it also forced doctors to give their patients misleading information about reversing medical abortions that is not scientifically proven, nor even approved by the Food and Drug Administration.  You can read more about this bill and other legislation that threatens Arizona’s secular government in our 2015 Arizona Legislative Session Wrap-Up.

We understand how busy life can be, so we designed an Action Alert system to help those interested in helping stay informed. It is a web-based system that allows supporters to send an email directly to multiple elected officials with the simple click of a button.  We use this to influence legislators on important issues that either support or threaten our goal of secular government.  Tory gave an overview of how Secular AZ uses this system and maintained that supporters participation in these Action Alerts are what amplifies her voice as an advocate at the Capitol.

This is your voice, being heard. Prescott Freethinkers organizer, Cori Burke, said she has used Secular AZ’s Action Alert system and was “thrilled at how easy it is to reach my elected officials on the issues that matter most to me.  If our group wants to promote the use of science and reason for public decision-making, Action Alerts are a simple way to achieve that goal.”   

We agree Cori, and we applaud your efforts and your assistance for maintaining secular equality.

If you, too, are interested in helping the cause, check out our Membership page and get signed up today! 

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