Meet Our Team: Caleb Naugle

Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ) has a few new additions to our Board of Directors for 2015-2016 and we are eager to introduce them to the community.  New board member at large CALEB NAUGLE is active in a number of local and national groups, organizations and foundations that share specific goals: to keep church and state separate, ensure equal rights for all, and promote science education. He is a strong supporter of the non-affiliated and LGBTQ communities and proudly labels himself a feminist. 

As a finance and investment professional, Caleb has worked with all parties of the political spectrum. He embraces bipartisanship, but takes a strong stand against religious bullying within the public, private or political spheres. Caleb frequently writes about and participates in forums that inform and educate the public about the importance of secular government and science-based education.  He has served as a secular invocationist for the American Humanist Society for three years.

Caleb holds a bachelor and master’s degree in biochemical psychology, and degrees in business administration, management and operations.  Based in Scottsdale, he continues to study history, psychology and neuroscience, and spends his free time enjoying life with his wife Addison, a fellow advocate and attorney.

Regarding Secular AZ, Caleb states “The wall, which runs between church and the peoples’ state, offers a harmonious equality for all.    The wall is a secular societal agreement between each of us; to respect each other enough to prosper in a free society while in pursuit of our individually-defined happiness.  Our secular U. S. Constitution is the fabric that bonds us, and at Secular AZ, we don’t just uphold the wall….we are the wall.”

We are thrilled to add Caleb and his repertoire of talents to the management team of Secular AZ.  If you’d like to join him as an official voice advocating for secular government, become a member of Secular AZ today! 

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