Secular Coalition for Arizona lobbies U.S. Congress, participates in national secular policy summit in Washington D.C.


Your Secular Coalition for Arizona (SC Arizona) recently and proudly represented you, the Arizona nontheistic community, in Washington D.C. at Secular Coalition for America's (SCA) first Biennial Strategic Summit. During the trip, SC Arizona lobbied the offices of Senator Jon Kyl, Representative Ben Quayle (U.S. Congressional District 3), and Representative Paul Gosar (U.S. Congressional District 1). As a result, these Arizona elected officials now know who you are, that you are a sizable and lively constituency, and that you vote!

The SC Arizona delegation consisted of Matt Schoenley (SC Arizona Chair & Executive Director), Zenaido Quintana (SC Arizona Vice Chair), Anne Mardick (Freedom From Religion Foundation - Valley of the Sun Chapter & Americans United for Separation of Church and State - Phoenix Chapter), and Stephen Uhl (Center for Inquiry of Southern Arizona board member).

Washington DC Deligation

Pictured at Senator Kyl's office from left to right: Stephen Uhl, Anne Mardick, Matt Schoenley, an individual constituent, Zenaido Quintana.


Secular Coalition for America Biennial Strategic Summit

At the strategy summit we discussed everything from how to increase the visibility of nontheists in general to how to increase the number of nontheists and secular supporters in elected office, a nontheists are grossly underrepresented in Congress. Currently, Representative Pete Stark of California is the only openly nontheist member of Congress.

There was also an impressive collection of movers and shakers from the secular "movement" who were present for us to learn from and strategize with, including leaders from 

the American Humanist Association (AHA), David Silverman from American Atheists, leaders from the Secular Student Alliance (SSA) and many others.  And of course our tireless and inspirational host, Sean Faircloth, Executive Director of SCA passionately and convincingly laid out SCA's Secular Decade Plan.

The weekend wasn't all work though. There was an impressive lineup of secular entertainment including a hilarious and irreverent routine by comedian and author of "Satiristas", Paul Provenza, informative talks by Jennifer Michael Hecht, author of "Doubt: A History" and by Susan Jacoby, author of such secular books as "Freethinkers" and "Age of American Unreason".  


Freedom Is Not Free

Protecting the rights of nontheists and the secular character of our civil government at the State House and in Washington D.C. takes a lot of devoted people, time and of course money.  
Our Religious Right counterparts here in Arizona have a budget in the millions of dollars and are buying their way toward a theocracy.  Please support us by forwarding this email, asking your friends to sign up for our Action Alerts and emails, and by offering a secure online contribution today.

Our "religious liberty" depends on it.

Citizens all,


Matt Schoenley
Chair & Executive Director


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