Secular Coalition for Arizona urges Governor Brewer to reject extremist prayer meeting invitation

On August 6, Texas Governor Rick Perry has invited his 49 fellow governors to join him for an evangelical Christian prayer meeting in Houston to "call upon Jesus to guide us" and ask for "God's forgiveness, wisdom and provision."  He contends that "some problems are beyond our power to solve."

In a letter to Governor Brewer the Secular Coalition for Arizona has urged Governor Brewer to reject Governor Perry's invitation to this divisive event.

From SC Arizona's letter to Governor Brewer:

"We believe that it is not the job of elected officials to advance religion, and to accept Governor Perry's invitation is to disenfranchise all secular Arizonans, as well as all other citizens who practice religions other than Governor Perry's brand of evangelical Christianity.  Further, it is inappropriate for elected officials, while acting in their official capacity to uphold secular state and federal Constitutions, to promote or take part in such a sectarian event, or to use taxpayers' money to travel to and attend such an event.  We ask you instead to represent all Arizonans - regardless of religion or worldview - and focus on finding real and substantial solutions to our state's problems."

Read entire letter to Governor Brewer here.

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