Arizona Courts uphold religious intrusion into personal, private reproductive medical care

Last week, women in Arizona lost yet another battle in the ongoing fight against religious intrusion into personal, private reproductive medical care. The Arizona Court of Appeals released their decision in a lawsuit brought by Planned Parenthood to prevent implementation of religiously motivated abortion restrictions adopted in 2009 by the Arizona State Legislature and signed by Governor Brewer. Unfortunately, the court’s ruling upheld the legislation in question and allows the restrictions which Planned Parenthood had sought injunctions against to become law.

This law, written by the Center for Arizona Policy (CAP), jeopardizes women’s ability to make decisions about their own families and medical care in collaboration with their healthcare professionals. While CAP insists they are “protecting health and safety of women,” this legislation actually makes it more difficult for women to get emergency medical care, to have access to safe and legal abortions and to be empowered to make medical decisions without the intrusion of government into personal and private healthcare. CAP consistently attacks women and families with so-called “family friendly” legislation that is part of their thinly veiled strategy to write religious ideology into secular law and to make abortion de-facto illegal in Arizona. 

Secular Coalition for Arizona offers our solidarity and thanks to Planned Parenthood for their tireless work fighting to protect women in Arizona from religious intrusion into reproductive healthcare and we are disturbed by this failure of the justice system to safeguard the separation of church and state.

Read the Court of Appeals decision here.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer approves of the decision.

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