2012 Legislative Session Opens!

January 10, 2012 - Yesterday marked the opening of the 2012 Arizona State Legislative session—and Secular Coalition for Arizona was there in front of the Capitol alongside our liaised nontheistic-friendly organization, Americans United for Separation of Church and State  - Greater Phoenix. It was a great opportunity for nontheistic Arizonans to be present and visible to our legislators, letting them know that we are an active, sizeable constituency! SC Arizona’s Executive Director, Seráh Blain, was able to connect with members, fellow lobbyists and constituents who were present--and will continue SC Arizona’s presence at the legislature this week as she introduces our organization and addresses legislation that erodes church-state separation. Stay tuned for updates from Seráh as the session gets underway--and make sure to "like" our Facebook page for all the latest!

Remember, SC Arizona’s presence at the Capitol and our advocacy on behalf of nontheistic Arizonans is only possible through the generous support of the nontheistic community; please consider a donation TODAY so that we can continue to be your voice to the state legislature! 

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