Action Alert

Stop Attacks on Science-Based Medicine!

Religious Right Attempts to Sneak Anti-Science, Anti-Woman Bill Through Legislature with Parliamentary Tricks
Last week, the chair of the House Health and Human Services Committee, Cecil Ash (a pro-life Mormon), chose to hold anti-abortion bill HB2838 because of concerns that there was not sufficient evidence to support the particular "disclosures" and medical procedures required by the legislation, and that the liability issues for physicians would threaten doctors' ability to practice responsible medicine in our state.
HB2838 required that doctors provide women with biased, ideologically motivated information rather than comprehensive, science-based facts that would empower women to make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Further, it threatened doctors with civil and criminal liability for doing their jobs. This was a bad bill that endangered the health of women and the ability of doctors in our state to give evidence based care. And now, the sponsor of HB2838 is manipulating the legislative system to circumvent Representative Ash with a strike-everything amendment in order to revive the dead legislation.
On Monday, February 27, HB2036 "private attorney retention; contingency fees" is being heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee with a strike-everything amendment that replaces all the language of HB2036 with the language of the anti-woman, anti-science bill HB2838. The maneuver is specifically being used to circumvent Chairman Ash and sneak the bill through the legislature without allowing time for sufficient scrutiny of the "evidence" being offered in support of this policy.
WE MUST STOP HB2036. Please take a few minutes to do two things:
- Contact Senate President Steve Pierce at 602-926-5584 or and tell him that this bill is dangerously anti-science and will hurt women, families and doctors; this bill needs to stay dead.
- Contact the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and tell them to vote "NO" on HB 2036:
Ron Gould ( Chair): 602-926-4138;
Andy Biggs: 602-926-4371;
Judy Burges: 602-926-5861;
Adam Driggs: 602-926-3016;
Steve Gallardo: 602-926-5830;
David Lujan: 602-926-5058;
Rick Murphy: 602-926-4444;
Steve Yarbrough: 602-926-5863;
Talking Points

  •  HB2036 lacks evidence to support legislating medical procedures and interferes with doctors' ability to practice science-based medicine
  • HB2036 creates too many liability issues for physicians, will drive up malpractice insurance, and will drive doctors from our state
  • Women deserve comprehensive, fact-based information about their pregnancies as determined by medical science and their own physicians rather than the ideology of the state legislature