Action Alert

Religious Right Threatens Healthcare Access for Women

Religiously Motivated Attacks on Women's Reproductive Healthcare Must Stop!

Tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, March 1), the House Committee of the Whole will be voting on HB2800, a bill specifically designed to prevent Planned Parenthood from being reimbursed by the state for the important healthcare services the organization provides--simply because Planned Parenthood also performs legally protected abortion services. Public funding of abortion is already prohibited, and healthcare clinics that provide abortions do not use public funds for those procedures. This bill represents a religious bias against Planned Parenthood rather than responsible public policy. Please contact your representative IMMEDIATELY and ask them to VOTE NO on HB2800.
In Arizona, the legislature has been slowly outlawing abortion through policies that create barriers to funding and patient access--and while abortion itself is a complex, multi-faceted issue upon which nontheistic Arizonans have a wide range of opinions, the value of access to affordable, comprehensive reproductive healthcare and family planning is completely beyond dispute
By every conceivable measure, in jurisdictions in which reproductive health care and family planning is readily available poverty declines, overall health and well-being for men, women and children improves, and societal stability is enhanced.
The result of HB 2800 will be that fewer women will be able to receive quality healthcare and family planning services--and this threatens the quality of life for everyone in the state. Because the bill represents such a serious attack on the healthcare access of so many of Arizona's most vulnerable citizens and serves no secular purpose, Secular Coalition for Arizona asks you to take IMMEDIATE action to ensure HB2800 does not pass the House.
Talking Points

·  HB2800 will limit access to comprehensive healthcare and family planning for Arizonans who need it most

·  When women have improved access to reproductive healthcare and family planning, poverty declines and overall health improves. The state has a strong interest in ensuring access to these services because it improves the quality of life in Arizona
·  Public funding of abortion is already prohibited in Arizona; this bill serves no secular purpose