Another Religiously Motivated Attack on Reproductive Healthcare

Today, March 28, the State Senate will vote on yet another piece of religiously motivated legislation that attacks Arizonan’s access to reproductive healthcare. HB 2625 allows employers to refuse to provide coverage for medications used for contraception if the employer has a religious objection. Women who use contraceptive medications for other medical reasons (such as the treatment of cysts or endometriosis) may need to prove to their employer that they are not taking the pill for contraceptive purposes—a clear violation of privacy. Further, HB 2625 opens the door for employers to discriminate against employees who use contraceptives by striking from statute the language that restricts employers who fail to provide health coverage for contraception from discriminating against employees who choose to obtain such coverage elsewhere.

Please contact your senator IMMEDIATELY and tell them to VOTE NO on HB 2625! It is unequivocally wrong for the state to use religious liberty as an excuse to cause harm, promote inequality and invade personal privacy.

Find out how to contact your senator here: How to Contact Members

Talking points:

  • HB2625 endangers the religious liberty of individual Arizonans by preferencing the religious beliefs of an employer over those of an employee
  • HB2625 violates Arizonans’ constitutionally protected right to privacy

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