Center for Arizona Policy and the Arizona State Legislature

by Karen Cook

When you see the initials 'CAP,’  do you automatically think of the Central Arizona Project? Think again!

Center for Arizona Policy
(CAP) is a conservative nonprofit organization that has muscled more than 100 of its supported bills into law. Its goals? Among them is to ‘protect human life from conception to the end of natural life.’ To do this, CAP has championed legislative efforts aimed toward outlawing abortion, blocking aid-in-dying policy, banning human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, as well as suppressing science-based sex education. In addition, CAP wants to maintain laws that define marriage as the union between one man and one woman; stop all gambling (including the Arizona State Lottery); and limit government involvement in education.

How is it that CAP has been so successful in its endeavors? Through commentaries on radio stations throughout Arizona; its network of supportive churches; staff members who make personal appearances at community functions and, perhaps most importantly, The Truth Project.

From the CAP website:

The Truth Project is a revolutionary DVD-based small group curriculum produced by Focus on the Family. It is designed to build a systematic and comprehensive biblical worldview in the lives of believers.

The Truth Project is unique because it doesn’t tell Christians what to think – it teaches them how to think – to evaluate every aspect of life through a biblical perspective. 

We have already seen what a 'biblical perspective' can do to Arizona!

What can you do? CAP sent out a questionnaire for state candidates this year. Take a look at it and ask yourself how you would vote. From the organization’s stated agenda as listed above, you can probably tell how CAP wants prospective legislators to answer these questions. 

Center for Arizona Policy 2012 Survey Questions for State Candidates

After you've assessed the questionnaire, and before you cast your ballot this year, learn who CAP endorses. You can be sure that its candidates will be voting against the interests of you, the rest of Arizona's nontheistic population, and anyone who is in favor of the separation of church and state.

Karen Cook is a volunteer writer for Secular Coalition for Arizona and a published author. Her works include the short story “Food for the Gods,” in the July 16 issue of “Crack the Spine.”


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