Secular Coalition for Arizona's 2012 Legislature Scorecard is Here!

This past legislative season, the theocratic super-majority in the Arizona State Legislature showed no regard for the kind of separation between church and state that is necessary to safeguard from religious oppression the rights of nontheists, women, LGBT people, and other politically vulnerable groups of people. It’s time to put a stop to this religious tyranny in Arizona!

Because of redistricting, along with the growing momentum behind secular values, the coming election represents a real opportunity to break that theocratic super-majority and secure a more secular legislature for the coming years. This November, it is particularly important that we get out the vote for secularism—because we really do have a chance to make a difference if we vote in this election. 

As you’re making your decision for the 2012 election, please take a look at our Secular Values Voter Legislative Scorecard for the Arizona State Legislature and consider who best represents your secular values. 

And don't forget to make sure you're registered. We need your vote to help take back the state legislature for secularism!

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