The law does NOT require you to Pledge Allegiance.

Myths are being spread about an updated law (HB2707) that refers to the Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence in classrooms.

Here’s the real truth:

The law does not require…

  • That students say the Pledge of Allegiance
  • That students pray
  • That teachers require students to do anything religious in the classroom

 The law does require:

  • That teachers set aside time each day for students to say the Pledge only if they want to.
  • That certain classrooms display the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and US flag
  • That teachers set aside time for a moment of silence in the morning
  • That teachers encourage students to discuss how to use the moment of silence with their parents

Read the full law here.

You are not required to say the Pledge in public schools.  

You are not required to pray.

These are rights guaranteed to you by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.

Report teachers that violate your rights

If a public school staff member forces you to say the Pledge or do anything religious—or if they punish you for not doing so—they are breaking the law. You can report them confidentially to Our legal experts will take action to stop rights from being violated in your school.

Learn about more students’ rights

You have many more rights allowing for your personal expression of belief as well as protecting you from having others’ beliefs imposed on you. Check out our full guide for students about religion in public schools here.