Read our letter with partners opposing HB2310

On May 2nd, we signed a letter with numerous other local civil rights organizations to oppose HB2310, a bill in the State House of Representatives that would criminalize educators and increase educational censorship.

Here’s what we sent State Representatives:

Re: OPPOSITION to Arizona House Bill 2310

On behalf of the Arizona LGBTQ+ Working Group, we respectfully call for a NO vote on House Bill 2310. 

House Bill 2310, endangers the instruction of biology and sex education considering there is no defense for educators in HB 2310; additionally, this bill seeks to enhance penalties for those in a position of trust (think: educators and staff). We respectfully ask for a NO vote on HB 2310.

In its current form, HB 2310 would make instructors of medically accurate and honest age-appropriate sex education subject to felony charges for child enticement. In a state with varying degrees of banning accurate biological information to banning sexual and reproductive healthcare, comprehensive education and qualified instructors are keys to ensuring all kids can transition to adulthood. 

It’s clear that this bill does not aim to increase access to education, but rather criminalizes educators and increases educational censorship in the lives of everyday Arizona students and families depending on public schools to provide for inclusive and safe environments for all students. For the above outlined reasons, we respectfully ask for NO vote on House Bill 2310. 



Kelley Dupps

Inclusive Policy Advocacy Manager, GLSEN Arizona


Darrell Hill

Policy Director, ACLU of Arizona                           


Tami Staas

Executive Director, Arizona Trans Youth and Parent Organization


Bre’ Thomas

CEO, Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health 


Dustin Griswold

Clinic Director, Family Planning Associates Medical Group


Aven Kelley

Policy Analyst, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona


Jeanne Casteen

Executive Director, Secular AZ


Eduarda Schroder

President, Chandler Pride


Jenna Panas

CEO, Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence


Abigail Jackson

Digital Director, Progress Arizona 


Michael Abramson III

Policy Director, Women’s Foundation for the State of Arizona

A vote is expected on HB2310 the week of 5/13/24. Find your State Representatives’ contact info here.