What is the Scorecard?

Each year, Secular AZ compiles a list of the most important state bills impacting church/state separation and scores Legislators on how they voted on them.

Many of these Legislators are facing challenges in both the August 2nd primary and general elections. In 2022, many crossed party lines on secular issues. Before voting, it will be important to note who and on what bills.

How it Works

We scored Legislators on 27 bills, each of which we opposed. Topics included reproductive rights; education; LGBTQ+ rights; the arming of religious radicals; and religious privileges.

Legislators were given a percent score based on each vote that aligns with our position, not including absences and no-votes.

This Year’s Rankings:

Click each Legislator’s name to see the details on their score.


100%Pamela Powers Hannley9D
95.45%Kelli Butler28D
95.45%Domingo DeGrazia (Min. Whip)10D
95.45%Mitzi Epstein18D
95.45%Melody Hernandez26D
95.45%Jen Longdon (Asst. Min. Leader)24D
95.45%Jennifer Pawlik17D
95.45%Amish Shah24D
95.45%Christian Solorio30D
95.24%Brian Fernandez4D
95.00%Richard C. Andrade29D
95.00%Reginald Bolding (Min. Leader)27D
95.00%Sarah Liguori28D
90.91%Andrés Cano3D
90.91%Jennifer Jermaine18D
90.91%Christopher Mathis9D
90.91%Marcelino Quiñonez27D
90.91%Judy Schwiebert20D
90.91%Lorenzo Sierra19D
90.48%Andrea Dalessandro2D
90.00%Morgan Abraham10D
90.00%Robert Meza30D
87.50%Daniel Hernandez, Jr.2D
86.36%Myron Tsosie7D
85.71%César Chávez29D
85.00%Jasmine Blackwater-Nygren7D
84.21%Diego Espinoza19D
84.21%Alma Hernandez3D
13.64%Joel John4R
9.09%Joanne Osborne13R
9.09%Michelle Udall25R
4.55%Regina E. Cobb5R
4.55%Steve Kaiser15R
4.55%Justin Wilmeth15R
4.55%David L. Cook8R
4.55%Russell “Rusty” Bowers (Speaker)25R
0.00%Jacqueline Parker16R
0.00%Brenda Barton6R
0.00%Leo Biasiucci (Majority Whip)5R
0.00%Walter “Walt” Blackman6R
0.00%Shawnna Bolick20R
0.00%Judy M. Burges1R
0.00%Frank P Carroll22R
0.00%Neal Carter8R
0.00%Joseph Chaplik23R
0.00%Lupe Diaz14R
0.00%John M. Fillmore16R
0.00%Mark W. Finchem11R
0.00%Travis Grantham (Speaker PT)12R
0.00%Gail Griffin14R
0.00%Jake Hoffman12R
0.00%John Kavanagh23R
0.00%Quang H. Nguyen1R
0.00%Kevin Payne21R
0.00%Beverly Pingerelli21R
0.00%Ben Toma (Majority Leader)22R
0.00%Jeff Weninger17R
0.00%Tim Dunn13R
0.00%Teresa Martinez11R
n/aAthena Salman*26D

*Rep. Athena Salman not scored due to absence for maternal leave


100.00%Lela Alston24D
100.00%Lupe Contreras (Asst. Min. Leader)19D
100.00%Rosanna Gabaldon2D
100.00%Theresa Hatathlie7D
100.00%Christine Marsh28D
100.00%Martin Quezada (Min. Whip)29D
100.00%Stephanie Stahl Hamilton10D
100.00%Raquel Terán30D
100.00%Victoria Steele (Minority Whip)9D
90.91%Sally Ann Gonzales3D
94.12%Sean Bowie18D
94.12%Lisa Otondo4D
92.31%Rebecca Rios (Minority Leader)27D
0.00%J.D. Mesnard17R
0.00%Warren Petersen12R
0.00%Michelle Ugenti-Rita23R
0.00%Sine Kerr13R
0.00%Wendy Rogers6R
0.00%Nancy Barto15R
0.00%Sonny Borrelli (Majority Whip)5R
0.00%Paul Boyer20R
0.00%David Gowan14R
0.00%Rick Gray (Majority Leader)21R
0.00%Vince Leach (President PT)11R
0.00%David Livingston22R
0.00%Tyler Pace25R
0.00%Thomas Shope8R
0.00%Kelly Townsend16R
0.00%Karen Fann (President)1R
n/aJuan Mendez**26D

**Sen. Juan Mendez not scored due to paternity leave absence.


For a full list of all bills used on this scorecard and their descriptions, click here.