Secular AZ at National School Board Conference

Our Executive Director Jeanne Casteen recently attended the National School Board Conference with Association of Secular Elected Officials (ASEO) in New Orleans. Casteen, a former school board member and current ASEO member, teamed with ASEO to connect with school board members from across the country.

ASEO was the only organization representing nonreligious elected officials and advocating for secular policy. And it looks like they rattled some cages:

Tweet by Peoria School Board Member Kim Fisher declaring us "psychos" at the conference

While there, Casteen and ASEO board member Kristiana de Leon identified new members of the secular community, engaged in interfaith dialogues around shared goals, and dispelled misconceptions about the secular community.

“It was clear our presence was welcomed and needed,” said De Leon. “After all, school board member directors are on the front lines resisting white Christian nationalism.”

To build solidarity around our commitment to secular, inclusive public schools, they distributed and gathered signatures for a new Inclusion Pledge. Under it, officials swear to uphold inclusive, secular values in their classrooms.


Secular AZ staff and volunteers are able to attend events like this thanks to those who have made a generous, tax-deductible donation sustaining our organization.