Job Opening: Development Director

Secular AZ seeks a Development Director
The Development Director will report to the Executive Director and work with both the Finance and Development Committee to create a fundraising and development plan and oversee all fundraising endeavors, including events, interacting with donors, and grant-writing.

  • Create, implement, adjust, and assess an annual fundraising plan
  • Develop relationships with donors and secure financial support from individual donors, community foundations, national organizations, and corporations
  • Collaborate with Planning and Finance chairs and committees to monitor the fundraising plan
  • Guide and train and committee members to assist with data entry and gift management
  • With the Executive Director and other staff, assist in the organization of special events
  • Identify and create proposals for grant, foundation, and/or corporate funding sources
  • Manage and expand donor database
  • Develop a membership plan to increase the number of members year over year
  • Create quarterly reports for board, members, and tax forms (for the treasurer and CPA)
  • Provide fundraising communications with liaised groups
  • Bachelor’s degree in business or nonprofit management highly preferred
  • Minimum two years experience in fundraising and development with examples of development planning and metrics
  • Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong computer skills including Google Drive/Microsoft Suite, WordPress, Adobe, Canva, and Salsa Data Management (CRM)
  • Demonstrates strong managerial skills with attention to detail
  • Self-starter, effective in managing timelines and adhering to budgets
  • Able to be nimble and track current events and legislation

How to apply:
Please submit your resume and cover letter by email or mail to:
Jeanne Casteen, Executive Director

Secular AZ

PO Box 47556

Phoenix AZ, 85068

“Drag story hour” faux controversy distracts from youth action, prayer blunder

Democrats in the State House have been banned from using the building’s conference rooms because they used one for a “Drag Story Hour” with Planned Parenthood, allegedly in secret. In rationalizing the ban before the media, conservatives fretted about childrens’ exposure to “radical activism” and “perverse ideology,” however no children were present at the event. Continue reading

Bill targets teachers, equates them with pedophiles

HB2310 would endanger the teaching of science, sex education, and the humanities by saying that it would constitute “grooming” if a teacher distributes pictures of sex organs or breasts.  Teachers of of all sorts could be subject to felony charges for child enticement for sending legitimate content, such as biology diagrams, classical art, or literature that does not conform to religious viewpoints on sex.

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Spring has Sprung in PUSD: Freshly Unhinged Behavior

It’s the end of April in Arizona, Secular Fam, and that means schools all over the state are in the home stretch of the 2023-2024 school year. Salary schedules have been discussed and approved, contracts have gone out to educators, and teachers, staff, and administrators are about to experience the “100 days of May,” including ditch days, end-of-year pranks, and “senioritis.” As a former high school and middle school teacher, I know that these last few weeks of the school year can be grueling, so hang in there, educators! We see you, we hear you, and we’re rooting for you to make it through the month! You’ve got this!

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Secular AZ attorneys sign, file brief urging dismissal of Christian nationalist school board member’s lawsuit

Adapted from a news release by Freedom From Religion Foundation

In an amicus brief filed April 18th, Secular Coalition for Arizona (Secular AZ) joined Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) in asking a federal district court to dismiss a case that a religion-spouting school board member has brought against her own board. Continue reading

“A Profound Violation”: Secular AZ’s Legal Director on the Arizona 1864 Abortion Ban

The court in Planned Parenthood et al v. Hazelrigg et al released on May 9, 2024 said that A.R.S. §13-3603 (the existing ban dating from 1864 and recodified several times) and the statute passed in 2022 (A.R.S. §36-2322) are not in conflict and that the legislature intended for A.R.S. §13-3603 to remain the law if Roe v. Wade fell.  The majority reading them together (harmonizing) the law said all abortions except those necessary to save a woman’s life are illegal.

All the abortion restrictions on the books remain applicable to any abortion done to save the life of the woman. The total ban cannot be applied retrospectively.

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