Sami Al-Asady: What Do You Miss (and Not Miss) About Religion?

Secular AZ Board member and activist Sami Al-Asady discusses what he misses (and doesn’t) about religion in this article from OnlySky. “When I affirm that I am an atheist, it is not just a term that captures my lack of belief in God, but it also holds …

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Dianne Post: Understanding Christian Nationalism: Is the U.S. in Trouble?

Secular AZ Legal Director Dianne Post and attorney Robert McWhirter explore the growing threat of Christian Nationalism. “Christian nationalists work to appear legitimate, waving American flags aplenty and invoking historically patriotic catchphrases l …

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A Tale of Two Public School Systems

Joe Blankenship

The most important responsibility a state has is the education of its children! When education is viewed as gaining knowledge, instead of just passing from grade to grade to graduation, its leaders recognize that every qualitative aspect of a society is determined by the success or failure of its educational system.

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