Below are issues our movement may confront in 2021. Please review and discuss amongst your group. 

Constitutional Law: 

  • Government funding of religious institutions, faith-based social service programs & charities 
  • Tax breaks and loopholes for religious organizations not available to all non-profits 
  • Proselytizing using government resources 
  • Court-mandated religious recovery programs 
  • Prayer, religious endorsement, and religious privilege in official government meetings 
  • Invocations in government meetings 
  • State motto 
  • Free Exercise Clause issues 
  • Religious displays on public property 
  • Government “faith” offices 
  • Religious influence in social services 


  • Disclosure and religious refusal laws 
  • Religious exemptions for women’s health care 
  • Regulation of religious “crisis pregnancy centers” 
  • Medical Aid in Dying/Death With Dignity 

Comprehensive Sex Education:

  • Reduction of child harm in religious foster homes, faith organizations, elsewhere 

Sound Science:

  • Bans on stem cell research, fetal donation, and related issues 
  • Vaccine exemptions 
  • Health and safety standards for religious child care centers 


  • State-sanctioned employment discrimination (LGBTQ, religious) 
  • State-supported discriminatory youth groups 
  • LGBTQ “conversion therapy” 
  • LGBTQ adoptions and marriage equality


  • School “voucher” programs 
  • Religious endorsements and proselytizing in public schools 
  • Sound science education Secular 


We value your feedback as a member of Secular AZ. We are committed to finding ways to address your highest secular priorities at the State Capitol. 

1. Please share with us the top five priorities that you want us to highlight with lawmakers. Please tell us why these priorities are important to you.


2. Can you think of any other topic not listed that we should address? Please give details below. 


3. Do you have any special areas of expertise you’d like to share with us that may be useful to our lobby efforts?