Full Text of Mendez Invocation 3-3-16

Today, Rep. Juan Mendez gave a secular invocation on the House Floor.  He was immediately attacked for not praying to a "higher power" by fellow lawmakers.  Please send him a thank you note by clicking here.  Read the text of his invocation here:

We are here today, as every day, to represent our pluralistic society - of which I am grateful to again be included in
To represent that beauty of our multi-cultural state that reflects our diversity of color, of heritage, of religion and lack thereof.
Spanning across communities both urban and rural; we are the same. Yearning to better our lives. Looking to better the lives of others.
Let us embrace those that want to help our society grow. Let us accept each other for our differences. Let us work to help those we represent flourish.
We need not tomorrow's promise of reward, to do good deeds today. For some may seek the assistance of a higher power with hands in the air, there are those of us that are prepared to assist directly, with our hands to the earth.
Take these words to heart as we move this great state of Arizona forward: It is our responsibility to honor the Constitution and the secular equality it brings.

And so shall it be...


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