Meet Our Team: Jim Lippard

Secular Coalition for Arizona’s (Secular AZ) newest board of directors has been elected and seated and new staff members are in place. Over the next few weeks we’ll  introduce them to you in a series of posts. Each of these individuals has expressed a strong interest in the work of Secular AZ and have a multitude of talents they bring to the service of our organization.  All value secular public policy and celebrate secularism as the best way to promote equal rights and freedoms for all Arizonans. 
Jim Lippard, Treasurer

Jim Lippard has been elected to serve as the new treasurer of Secular AZ.  Prior to his election to the board he served for five years as the board’s liaison-at-large.  He is a Phoenix based information security professional who has worked for five Fortune 500 companies across the telecommunications, financial services, and healthcare industries.  Jim also has a long history working for nonprofit organizations dedicated to reason, skepticism and church/state separation.

Jim was the founder and initial executive director of the Phoenix Skeptics, the first webmaster for the Skeptics Society, board member and president of the Internet Infidels, and founder and organizer of SkeptiCamp Phoenix, media spokesperson for the Arizona Coalition of Reason. Jim co-founded the Phoenix Area Skeptics in 2012, and remains a board member.  

He holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Arizona State University and a master’s in philosophy from the University of Arizona.  Secular AZ is thrilled to have Jim move from a peripheral advisory role as liaison-at-large to a more prominent advisory role on our Board of Directors.  Jim remarks "the Secular Coalition for Arizona has matured from a modest all-volunteer effort to an effective and professional voice for secular government. As the organization's support continues to grow, we can make a real difference in Arizona politics. I am glad to be a part of these efforts."

Secular AZ celebrates the addition of Jim to our team as treasurer and looks forward to his thoughtful contributions toward fortifying the wall separating church and state in Arizona.  If you’d like to join Jim and the rest of our members in supporting secular government, please visit our Membership page to become a member of Secular AZ today!

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